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Csontváry, la vie du peintre.

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J’ai découvert le travail de Zoltan Huszarik grâce au livre « des lumières et des ombres » d’Henri Alekan,
son film « Csontvary, la vie du peintre », lui a servi de référence dans le travail du chef opérateur concernant la lumière solaire.
On trouve ainsi un travail remarquable sur la lumière naturelle, tout en ayant des vibration exacerbée comme peux le faire un peintre dans sa réinterpretation d’une réalité.
le chef opérateur s’appelle Peter Jankura.

Zoltan Huszarik was born in 1931 and joined the director’s course at the Academy for Theatre and Film Art in 1950 but was advised to leave in 1953. He spent a number of years doing various jobs, some of them menial, before turning to the Academy, from which he graduated in 1961. He then became an assistant director and also worked in graphics and book illustration. His first film, the dreamy short, Elegia (Elegy, 1965), which he made for the Bela Balazs Studio with the cinematographer Janos Toth, drew widespread critical attention, and already indicates his taste for experimental narrative procedures. Two more short works followed, and then Sindbad (1971), a feature film which was awarded prizes abroad and confirmed Huszarik’s growing reputation at home He continued making shorts, and worked for television and, more extensively radio and the stage. Csontvary, his second feature film and strikingly similar to the first, followed in 1979. Huszarik died in 1981

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